In 2006, ACS supplied Yorkshire County Cricket Club and Yorkshire Academy with their latest designs of mobile covers, flat sheets and sight screens. Here is some of the feedback from our customers:

    • Here at YCCC we needed to replace our wicket covers and flat sheets to suit the demands of a test ground ACS provided us with just what we needed    Andy Fogarty, Head Groundsman at YCCC
    • A pleasure to deal with from placing the order to completion                                                                                                         Harrogate Cricket Club
    • Our square is on a slight incline we needed mobile covers to suit. ACS adapted their covers to fit in with our own needs   Elland Cricket Club
    • Sight screens are a problem at our ground due to high winds in early season. ACS's sight screens combat this problem with their polyscreen with removable boards    Anthony Asguith, Yorkshire Academy Ground
    • Headingley 2007 we replaced our practise cages that were inadequate. Together we worked with ACS and came up with a successful system.